To grow a generation of researchers and psychologists, who will contribute new theories and psychological explanations of human behavior to the international scientific community and will provide solutions for a healthier society.



To make local and global contributions to the field of mental health.

To provide psychosocial consulting and expertise services in the field of social project management.

To promote scientific thinking and reasoning.

To develop the professional skills of psychologists who will become members of Psychological Research Center.



Respecting the criteria and rigors of scientificity is the cornerstone in conducting our research.

We believe that scientific knowledge and evidence are the premises and catalysts of social development.


Cooperation and communication

We believe that science cannot coexist with institutional isolation and bureaucracy.

The field of research, which is a vital dimension for the academic environment in Moldova, can take an important leap by cooperation and communication between research institutions and organizations.



We respect all paradigms of nature and society that are based on non-scientific criteria, as long as they are able to respond effectively to the challenges of contemporary society.