Author: CONDREA Victoria, PhD student in psychology



            The evolution and development of humanity in the last decades, along with the technological modernization and innovation, predicts the multidimensional facilitation of human living conditions. But, paradoxically, the increase in material comfort leads to a decrease in psychological comfort due to the body's inability to adapt to the nowadays dizzyingly rapid changes. After centuries and millennia of slow evolution, this inability can become a promoter of acute and chronic stress. Our study is aimed to elucidate the relationship between hostility as a personality factor (characterized by a level of chronic stress) and eating behaviour. We found that there is a significant association between the degree of hostility and several eating behaviours such as: anger in case of starvation, increased appetite, food as a reward, feeling of guilt after consuming unhealthy food, choosing food according to taste or nutritional properties and stress binge eating.


Keywords: hostility, stress, eating behaviour, compensation.

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